Please fax the Substance Use Assessment to: (320) 963-6279 or Call (651) 338-3317


For bed availability, questions about treatment, or to complete the treatment admission screening, please contact our rehab admissions coordinator at (651) 338-3317 or send an email to

If you're an agency, provider, or funder, you can fax your Comprehensive or Rule 25 assessment for review to (320) 963-6279 or (320) 963-6278. Our staff will then contact you to set up an admission screening appointment with the client.

Admission to treatment and the rehab admission process can be overwhelming. Here is basic information to prepare you and your teen. We know some adolescents don't come directly from home to rehab admissions; we do make provisions for basic necessities until family memberscan get involved with the treatment process.

Admissions Process

We start by having a brief phone interview with each incoming. We utilize the provided clinical information, the client phone interview and collateral contact information to ensure we can meet each incoming patient's needs with the services we offer, if unable to the needs of the adolescent looking for residential treatment, we may refer you to an agency which can help with your specific needs.

Admissions are by appointment only between the week-day hours of 8:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. Our priority is to transition the new resident into the community by having them attend a group therapy session at 12:30 p.m. with their counselor and peers.

Please allow ample driving time so that you can arrive for your admissions time promptly.

Parents/guardians should allow themselves approximately one hour to complete the admission process with your child.

Please review our packing checklist carefully. We do not have the storage capacity for additional items, so more than the essential quantities of any individual item will be returned.

Remember To Bring:

  1. Your child’s social security number.
  2. Health insurance information; bring the insurance card with you or a front and back copy.
  3. Prior to rehab admission, we need your child’s medical doctor to provide at least a 30-day supply of prescription medication and refills for the time your child will be in our center.
  4. Proof of physical exam within 30 days prior to admission.

Final Reminders

Insurance & Costs Of Treatment

The cost of treatment at Maple Lake Recovery Centers reflects rates set by commercial insurance companies as well as state and federal agencies. Our admissions staff will work with you to check your benefit eligibility and discuss insurance and payment options.

Health insurance typically covers some of the cost of chemical dependency treatment. If you don't have insurance, Minnesota residents can apply to either:

Another option is to apply for both to cover treatment and medical costs.

Payment and funding need to be arranged prior to treatment if insurance companies and/or counties are determining your eligibility. Please see below for information on copays, medical, and pharmacy costs.

Medical & Pharmacy Services & Costs

Residential Medical Services

Rule 25 funding pays for treatment costs but doesn’t cover medical care, medical appointments, or medications. Maple Lake Recovery Centers don’t provide or pay for any medical care. Your child needs to be enrolled in a private or public health insurance plan for medical care prior to rehab admission for successful adolescent chemical dependency treatment and recovery at any Maple Lake Recovery Center.

Physical Exams, Medical Emergencies, and Routine Medical Care

All of our clients require a brief history and physical to be completed 30 days before their admission. We can provide these services but they may be billed at customary rates when not part of the cost of care.

Emergency and specialty medical services are arranged through local emergency medical providers, typically the Allina Clinic and emergency room at the Buffalo, MN hospital location. Non-emergency and/or routine care appointments need to be arranged through the Maple Lake Recovery Centers clinical staff by parents, guardians, and/or referrer to prevent interruptions to treatment. Families are expected to provide medical transportation unless otherwise arranged.

Pharmacy Services & Costs

Prior to rehab admission, we need your child’s medical doctor to provide at least a 30-day supply of prescription medication and refills for the time your child will be in our center. Medical insurance may be billed for any required medications while in residence. Please remember families are responsible for copays. You may also be responsible for laboratory charges such as urinalysis and blood work not covered by insurance.


Maple Lake Recovery Centers do not provide client transportation to and from facilities at the start of their stay or for client weekend home passes.

We request parents or guardians transport their children to medical appointments, unless they're unable. We do use emergency medical services and law enforcement in case of behavioral, medical, and psychiatric emergencies.

Please review any transportation issues you may have with our staff during the admissions process.