Charitable Donations

Direct Financial Contributions

Thank you for your interesting in helping our mission. Maple Lake Recovery Centers, Inc., is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping Minnesota teens and their families in recovery. Each year the organization designates funding toward direct scholarships to patients and families to offset the costs of treatment and/or supplies for our teens and families in need.

We are listed in Thrivent Financials’ charitable organization registry, and over the years Maple Lake Recovery Center has received donations from a variety of businesses and organizations sharing our mission, values, and commitment to our client and family services.

Planned Giving

Each year we also have opportunities for “planned giving” for individuals that may want to designate their contributions to serve/target specific needs. Examples include such items as new recreational and sporting equipment, office machinery and supplies, vehicles, client furniture etc.

If you’re interested helping offset the cost of treatment for client’s and their families by making either a tax-exempt charitable donation, or designate a needed item for planned giving, please me.

David Smith, Executive Director