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Rule 25 Assessment

A Rule 25 assessment is a comprehensive chemical health evaluation or chemical dependency assessment required in some situations to determine the level of care needed for your son or daughter, funding level, or state requirements for treatment.

How To Request A Rule 25 Assessment

Rule 25 assessments are handled by our licensed alcohol and drug counselors.

Teen girl looking at her phone and thinking about requesting a Rule 25 assessment.

A Rule 25 chemical health evaluation may have been advised or required completed if an adolescent has been:

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How Does Rule 25 Funding Work?

A Rule 25 assessment includes an interview with a licensed alcohol and drug counselor to review chemical use and its impact on daily life and relationships. The assessment may also include many other stages, such as:

This data is analyzed to determine your teen’s personal level of chemical use and dependence. A formal treatment plan and other recommendations will be based on this information.