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Recover From Teen Addiction!

Maple Lake Recovery Centers provide substance abuse recovery programs designed for adolescents ages 13-18. We combine professional clinical services with a 12 step foundation to help Minnesota teens and their families recover from alcohol and drug addictions.

We offer a full range of adolescent recovery treatment services for substance abuse disorders including initial assessments, residential treatment and aftercare. Our focus remains on education, discipline and positive peer and staff interactions which allow clients to rediscover the wholesomeness of youth without using mood-altering chemicals.

Client surveys in 2020 reported:*

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Residential Treatment

Teen struggling with addition who want's a better life.

What Is Residential Treatment?

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The Journey Begins Here

Teens struggling with addiction deserve a chance at a healthy life. Maple Lake Recovery Centers provide assessment and referral services for teens who are demonstrating signs of substance use disorders ranging from risky behavior to heavy abuse or dependence.

Our goal is simple: to help as many adolescents as possible recover from addiction and realize their dreams by developing the necessary skills to contribute to family, community, and the world. We continue to be recognized as a “provider of choice” for effective and unique adolescent substance abuse recovery services.

The admission process begins with a phone call to our admission staff to determine eligibility for services. Our goal is to help families and teens in need as soon as possible.

Since insurance is one of the biggest barriers to treatment, we work with families to enroll their children in either private or public health insurance exchange plans prior to admission, or compete a Rule 25 assessment. Rule 25 funding pays for treatment costs but does not cover medical care, medical appointments, or medications. Maple Lake Recovery Centers do not provide free medical care.

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Our Adolescent Recovery Mission

Maple Lake Recovery Centers began in 1997 as a Minnesota non-profit treatment center created specifically to provide adolescents and their families a welcoming and comfortable environment to begin recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. Here, teens can live, grow, and learn essential principles, values, life skills and techniques for long-term future success.

Our goal remains firm: To help as many adolescents as possible recover from substance use disorders and realize their dreams by developing skills needed to contribute to their families, communities, and their world by living a meaningful, useful, and effective sober life. We continue to be recognized by our many partners as a special “provider of choice” of unique and effective adolescent and teen substance abuse recovery services.

Our services are individualized and focused on each child’s unique needs to provide the best chance for them to return to their families and communities with the skills necessary for a lasting and successful recovery.

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